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Hi, welcome to Trigun Chronicles©

This is a Role-Playing Game not like most. It's not browser-based, nor is it a video-game. It's also not a game that's completely unbound by rules to the point where someone can control an invincible character who can kill you with the blink of an eye. Trigun Chronicles© is what you might call an organized RPG. You earn cash, gain levels, get new items and weapons and fight battles. In other words, it's an RPG only limited by your imagination... and a few rules.

Hopefully, you will feel compelled to try out this game. If so, please head to the rules section to get started!

But if you're not into "nerdy role-playing games," there's also the plain ol' forums for just about anything you want to talk about.

Please, enjoy your stay here at Trigun Chronicles!

RPG Forums

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